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Company introduction
   HISTORY OF THE COMPANY             With years of marketing experience, Yih Hwa Company started the sales of bobbin products in 1985 due to the strong requirements from customers. Since then,great efforts have been made in the development of new designs,&the improvement of new toolings. As a result,the endeavours were well valued and commented by both domestic & overseas customers. In 1986, the company expanded the investment to strengthen the services to the customers & changed its name to "Yih Hwa Enterprises Co., Ltd." as well.
         In 1990, the professional work of R & D team was first embodied when a ten-year patent was granted by Bureau of Commodity Inspection & Quarantine, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
        To export the products in worldwide market has been set as one of the major goals to achieve in Yih Hwa Company, In order to enhance the regional strength and implement the company's global policy, Singapore office was established in 1993. the professional expertise and quality products have made Yih Hwa receive the consistent supports from both domestic & overseas customers.
         Due to marketing increase,Yih Hwa Company established China factory in 1996 to enhance production capacity. Yih Hwa Company obtained ISO-9002 Certification in 1996. Under precisely quality control, Yih Hwa's quality is more stable and goodly.
          Yih Hwa Company was founded with a firmbelief in statisfying the demand of customers and will continue to grow and develop based on the first grade quality & service and punctual deliveries.
1983 Founded Yih Hwa Bobbin Enterprise Service.  
1985 Put Bobbin products on the market.  
1986 Increased capital,expanded overseas investment and founded Yih Hwa Bobbin Enterprises Company .  
1990 Obtained ten-year Bobbin patent for its uniquely reative design granted by Bureau of Commodity Inspection & Quarantine,Ministry of Eonomic Affairs.  
1992 Founded Yih Hwa Bobbin Enterprises Co., Ltd. and a branch office in Singapore.  
1996 Founded Yih Hwa China factory in Dong Guan,Guang Dong and obtained ISO-9002 Certifcated.  
1. Design,manufacture and R&D Bobbin products.  
2. Various kinds of insulation packaging plastic tapes.  
3. Manufacture various kinds of electronic prouducts and insulation masterials and act as agent and distributor for such items.  
      Yih Hwa Bobbin Enterprise Service,He predecessor of Yih Hwa Bobbin Enterprises Co., Ltd.,was founded in 1983 supplying various kinds of packaging material as its main business line,especially insulation packaging material used for electronic products.
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Add:No.147 Binjiang East Road,Tang Hong Village,Shijie Town,Dong Guan, Guang Dong,China
TEL:86-769-86310456,86-76-86310466 FAX:86-769-86310450  
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